Free Book Friday!

Today I inaugurate the fun part of my blog: Free Book Fridays. As often as possible, I’m going to introduce a new book on Friday mornings. If you’d like a copy, drop me an email to jdwilson (at) tuttlepublishing dot com by Monday morning Vermont time. I’ll draw a name out of a hat to pick a winner.


Elementary Tagalog by Jed Domigpe and Nenita Domingo.

Today’s free book is Elementary Tagalog, the new introduction to Filipino language by Jed Domigpe of the University of Washington, Seattle and Nenita Domingo of UCLA.

Tagalog is an awesome language to dip into for a few reasons. First, there are 3.5 million Filipino-Americans to practice with. After Chinese-Americans, they are the largest group of Asian-Americans. Second, Tagalog’s use of roman script makes getting started easy. Third, because Tagalog has no tones, you can learn to pronounce Tagalog words with near fluency quite quickly. And if you speak a little Spanish, you’ll recognize many Spanish loan-words in Tagalog… you can drink a “baso” of “serbesa” while you read a good “libro”.

“Yes,” I hear a lonely cry, however, “but I don’t like languages that are easy to learn.” Good news, kaibigan (friend). Tagalog does have an interesting grammar, captured in the phrase “Austronesian Alignment”. So if you’re the kind of person who loves rare linguistic jargon like the “hortatory subjunctive” or the “petrified genitive”—and if you’re here you probably are—you’ll love Tagalog’s “unusual morphosyntactic alignment that combines features of ergative and accusative languages.” Oh-la-la!

Write me now! Hanggang sa muli po!


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