Free Book Friday!

Basic Spoken Chinese jacket

Basic Spoken Chinese, the “next big thing” in Chinese language learning.

Most Fridays I raffle off a free language book (so be sure to stop by every Friday), and this week’s is Basic Spoken Chinese by Cornelius “Neil” Kubler, one of the outstanding scholars of his generation. In his new series, Neil separates spoken and written Chinese into separate learning paths, because people can learn to speak Chinese much faster than they can learn to read and write Chinese characters.

This book teaches you a word, how it sounds, and what it means. The lessons are written in pinyin (romanized Chinese), so that you can proceed as quickly as you like. You can focus solely on spoken Chinese, or, if you’d also like to learn how to write the lessons, you can do that in the companion volume, Basic Written Chinese.

Two more things set this series apart. First, unlike many foreign-language books whose audio material feature only 1-2 speakers, Kubler’s series features both video and audio materials that use over 100 native-speakers of Mandarin from a variety of Chinese-speaking countries. This range of authentic material is unlike anything else available today. Second, Basic Spoken Chinese teaches you Chinese as it is really spoken. Time and again, as I have shown this book to Chinese teachers, what they say is “Wow, this is really how people speak Chinese!”

Brand new and already adopted for use in over 25 colleges and universities, this popular new introduction to Chinese is the new “gold standard” in Chinese language learning. To enter into our raffle for a few copy, just send your name and address to jdwilson at tuttlepublishing dot com.


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