MaFLA Visit and Free Book Friday winners

Visiting with Boston Public’s Director of World Language, Dr. Yu-Lan Lin, at MaFLA.

I spent Friday at the annual conference of MaFLA, the foreign language teachers association of Massachusetts. Less commonly taught languages are especially strong in Massachusetts, with many thanks owed to the dynamic leadership of Yu-Lan Lin, World Languages Program Director for Boston Public Schools. Here’s a photo of Dr. Lin and me when she visited the Tuttle booth. During the day, I got some tips about Chinese tones (when two 3rd tones come together, the first one becomes 2nd tone and the second one becomes a half-third tone… thank you, Elizabeth Hammett of the Brookwood School!) and aspirated Hindi consonsants (thanks, Maggie Cummings).

Japanese Proverbs

Japanese Proverbs, by David Galef

The response to Friday’s free book was huge. Thank you to everyone who entered the raffle for a copy of Japanese Proverbs. So many people entered that I really wanted to give away more than one copy. I asked around the office and got two additional copies, so congratulations to Christie, Anthea, and Anita, who all won a copy of Galef’s book.

Just got word here that we’re shutting down the power and closing our office here in North Clarendon, VT in advance of Sandy. I’ll be back when the lights come back on!


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