Free Book Friday from ACTFL

Good morning from Philadelphia! I’m writing from ACTFL, the national conference of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, a 5,000+ attendee semana santa of the foreign-language education world. For the next two and a half days, teachers from all over the world will be meeting, teaching and attending sessions about language-learning, and checking out new language products and pedagogies.

Beginning Japanese

A manga-style intro to Japanese language by Mike Kluemper, Lisa Berkson, and Nathan and Nobuko Patton.

I drove down from Vermont yesterday, a 6-hour trip, and got here just in time to do some unpacking in Tuttle’s 10×10 booth (#1024 for those of you here in Philly), but I’ve got another hour’s worth of set-up to do before the exhibit hall opens at 10. I’ll be catching up with some of my favorite Tuttle authors, including, for example, Mike Kluemper, Nathan and Nobuko Patton (all from Kentucky), and Lisa Berkson (from Arizona). All are accomplished high-school Japanese teachers, and I want to raffle off a copy of their book Beginning Japanese. The book is the first of a new 3-volume series. The book includes a CD-ROM with some excellent audio material, and the many exercises in the book are amped up with a companion workbook. The colorful manga-style had made it popular with students, and it’s the only book out today written with AP (Advanced Placement) and IB (International Baccalaureate) levels in mind. It’s also cool to host in the Tuttle booth the American Society of Shufa Calligraphy Education, an organization the promotes Chinese calligraphy that I met through my friend, Jasmine Tang at SUNY Geneseo. Maybe they can polish my penmanship. I’ll write more after the show gets started, but if you’d like a copy of Beginning Japanese, click here to email me and put Free Book Friday in the subject line.


3 thoughts on “Free Book Friday from ACTFL

  1. I’m glad to see Michael Kluemper and Lisa Berkson published. I’ve worked with them in the Association of Indiana Teachers of Japanese for a number of years before my Japanese program was cancelled, and before they moved to other states. Michael took over from me with the National Council of Japanese Language Teachers, for which I was a council member from 1997 through 2001. I am now back to teaching choral music which was my initial teaching license. Thank you so very much for the Yurei Attack! book. I am settling down to read it tonight. A Friday night, and I’m not doing anything school related! Tonight’s reading time is entirely for me. ありがたい と おもってあります!ACTFL で がんばってください!
    Michael P.
    Frankfort, Indiana

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