Free Book Fridays: Kamsa Hamnida!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend from Language Omnivore! In honor of Thanksgiving, I’d like to say 감사합니다 (kamsa hamnida) to my friend and often neighbor, Selena Yoon and Asia for Kids. Selena and I often exhibit side-by-side at conferences, and I enjoyed spending three days at ACTFL in Philadelphia last weekend swapping stories over the low wall that separated our booths. Asia for Kids is based in Cincinnati, and Selena has a huge range of learning materials for young learners, mostly, but not entirely in Asian languages.

Korean Number Dice

Ten-sided Korean number dice from Asia for Kids, part of this week’s Free Book Friday raffle.

Korean for Beginners

A fun and easy introduction to Korean language by Henry Amen and Kyubyong Park.

As an example, Selena carries a cool line of 10-sided dice with the numbers from 1 to 10 stamped on each side. She’s made them in 13 different languages, and for this week’s Free Book Friday, she’s donated a set of four dice with Korean (Sino-Korean) numbers on each face: 일 (il), 이 (i), 삼 (sam), 사 (sa), 오 (o), 육 (yuk), 칠 (chil), 팔 (pal), 구 (gu), and 십 (sip). They make a great game or stocking stuffer for the Korean language or taekwondo learner in your life.

This week’s raffle is a two-fer. The winner will also get a copy of Tuttle’s Korean for Beginners by Henry Amen and Kyubyong Park. Thanks to its light-hearted approach and the worldwide boom in Korean pop culture, hallyu/한류 (cf. Gangnam Style), Korean for Beginners has been a huge best-seller in the world of less-commonly taught languages.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday with your favorite family and neighbors! If you’d like this set of Korean number dice and Tuttle’s Korean for Beginners, click here to email me and put Free Book Friday in the subject line. I’ll announce the winners of the past two Free Book Fridays on Monday.


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