New World of Book Marketing

Sorry to fall a week behind in book winners! The winner of Friday the 16th’s copy of Beginning Japanese was Carolyn in Tacoma! (Thanks for writing, Carolyn!) We’ll pull a winner for the pair of Korean prizes on Wednesday and then get back on track on Friday.

This morning, for the first time, I noticed an advertisement on my homepage here. It was a link to a Youtube video that I couldn’t access, but it seems that we’ve grown to the size where WordPress may like to sell ad space on Language Omnivore.

Fascinating time to be in the book industry. In the past, a publishing company needed a small army of salespeople or reps. Sales were decentralized because people mostly bought books from indie bookstores. Meanwhile, marketing (just getting the word out about books) was a centralized function. The community of book reviewers was finite.

Then the big chains began to compete with the indies, and then Amazon began to compete with the chains. Even Borders went belly-up. There are still some fantastically vibrant independent booksellers (support them if you’ve got one), but their numbers are a fraction of what they once were. That means you don’t need as many people in sales. On the other hand, the ways to publicize a book has exploded: Amazon, Facebook, even things like Pinterest, etc. may play a roll in book marketing.

Now it seems somebody even wants to pay WordPress to advertising on Language Omnivore. In the new world of book marketing, I suppose that the sincerest form of flattery is somebody wanting to buy a banner ad on your blog, so that’s pretty cool. All the same, I’m going to upgrade my account before we start getting the “Language Teachers Hate This Guy” ads.


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