Raffle Winner


Origami-meister Andrew Dewar’s latest.

Thanks to Carl in Arizona, a regular reader of Language Omnivore, who won last Friday’s FBF two-fer. The first thing he’s got in the mail is Andrew Dewar’s Krazy Karakuri, a new kit for making traditional Japanese moving toys. If you’ve never heard of karakuri, click on this video link to watch Andrew’s creations in action.

Dewar lives over in Ontario (and at home in Canada is actually further south than we are in Vermont). He’s a frequent origami author and contributor as well as a master paper airplane engineer.

The second book Carl got was I’m Learning Japanese. It’s an easy, colorful introduction to Japanese language, writing, and culture. In it, a Japanese red fox called Kitsune (who reminds me of Inari-san) who teaches three teens the basics of speaking, hiragana, and kanji. It’s a great low-pressure introduction that was written for kids but has been a big hit with adult learners too.


A kid-friendly intro to Japanese.

You can still get either book online. If you visit our website (www.tuttlepublishing.com), just use the discount code OMNIVORE for a 35% discount on any purchase. Orders over $50 get free shipping.


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