Pashto book winner/Valentine’s Haiku contest

Thanks for everyone who entered Friday’s raffle. The cool thing about a language blog is the kaleidoscopic diversity of countries visitors come from, and so far guests from 71 countries have visited. The winner of Friday’s raffle for Georgetown University Press’s Pashto was Tamar, who lives in Moscow. Given Russia’s proximity to Central Asia, Tamar, hope you’ll have a chance to practice some Pashto with a native speaker!

I was also grateful to Walter Hakala of SUNY Buffalo. In an article in Education About Asia last autumn, Walter expertly condensed a huge amount of fascinating current and historical data about Afghan languages into a brief overview that was the basis of my first blog about Afghan languages. He wrote over the weekend and shared some additional findings from a survey he’s one on Pashto published in Brill’s Studies in South and Southwest Asian Languages. I’m looking forward to reading his work, and blogging more about Afghan languages in the future.


Win a pair of handmade coffee cups in Studio KotoKoto’s Valentine’s haiku contest.

Last, on a lighter note, my good friend, Kathryn, from my Tokyo days, has an online gallery of Japanese handicrafts (民芸, mingei, or “people arts”) called Studio KotoKoto. Through February 12, Kathryn’s holding a Valentine’s haiku contest. You can submit up to three entries in the traditional 5-7-5 syllable haiku form. The winner will get two hand-made coffee cups. This was my entry:

Cupid’s satori–
Love’s arrow pricks slumb’ring hearts:
Mezamete yo!

(The last line is Japanese for “wake up!”)


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