Entries ordered alphabetically by pinyin pronunciation.

Character Meaning Mandarin Korean Japanese
tea chá 차, cha ちゃ, cha
place chăng 장, jang じょう, jō
big, large 대, dae だい, dai
电话 (電話) telephone diànhuà 전화, jeonhwa 電話, でんわ, denwa
動物 animal dòngwù 동물, dongmul どうぶつ, dōbutsu
国 (國) country, nation guó 국, guk 国, こく, koku
韩 (韓) Korea hán 한, han 韓, かん, kan
馒头(饅頭) a steamed bun mántou 만주, mandu 饅頭, まんじゅう, manjū
门(門) gate mén 문, mun 門, もん, mon
食品 food shípĭn 식품, sikpum しょくひん, shokuhin
heart xīn 심, sim 心, しん, shin
new xīn 신, sin しん, shin
middle, inside zhōng 중, jung ちゅう, chū

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