Less-Commonly Taught Languages and Music on Radio Free Europe/Radio Free Asia

48053100463740LThanks to everyone who entered the origami raffle! The winner of Trash Origami, which teaches you how to “up-cycle” magazines, gift-wrap and other household papers into cool origami projects was Angela in the Philippines. As always, you can purchase the book on Tuttle’s website using the discount code OMNIVORE, which knocks 35% off the price of the book. That’s usually cheaper than Amazon.

ReikoButterflyThe authors, Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander, just sent us the folding instructions for the Reiko Butterfly, dedicated to Reiko Chiba Tuttle, the wife of our founder, Charles Tuttle, who would have been 97 this month. Michael and Richard did a beautiful job designing the folding instructions. To download a PDF, just click on the butterfly on the right. If you entered the raffle, I’ll email you a copy.

This morning, my penpal in Moscow, Tamar, introduced me to a great language resource to share on this blog. She wrote to tell me about Radio Farda, a Farsi-language radio service that’s part of Radio Free Europe/Liberty Radio. The service provides programming in many less-commonly taught languages. Even though I couldn’t find any language lessons there per se, it’s a great, free way to get some exposure to the sounds and phonology of languages like Farsi, Armenian, Georgian, Kazakh, and Afghan (Pashto). You can see a full list of their services at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

In East and SE Asia, similar services are available under the auspices of Radio Free Asia, which includes news in print, video, and audio form in languages like Burmese, Lao, Khmer, Tibetan, Uyghur, and Vietnamese.